A Poem by Nancy Nichols



Evan Roberts

July 25, 2013


I thank you for the dream Lord.

I heard You loud and clear.

Your holy cloud of witnesses

Is hovering very near.


The apostles and disciples,
Your martyrs and your saints;

They’ve watched and prayed and listened,

They’ve been patient through this wait.


You sent me Evan Roberts
In a dream to speak Your word.

It was all so clear and vivid –

You made sure that I had heard.


The setting was so simple,

Wooden bleachers in a field.

We were waiting for a sermon

With our hearts prepared to yield.


He was sitting right beside me

In the middle of a crowd,

As the host began the meeting

Evan raised his voice out loud.


“May we minister to others?
I believe I have a word.”
Then He turned toward me, on his left

And offered what he’d heard.


He looked deep into my eyes Lord,

With a voice both strong and kind,

He spoke Your words of mercy

He was caring, bold and wise.


He started out by asking

“How you doing? How’s the fam?”

He saw my doubts and weariness,

He saw me as I am.


He quickly reassured me
That You had “all in hand”.

You’d seen the burdens of my heart,

And they’re under Your command.


But once the pleasantries were finished,

He quickly changed the tone.

There was something very urgent,
I could feel it in my bones.


“Ignite the fire – stir the flame,

Restore what has been lost.
For you know the hour is late now –

And there’s going to be a cost.”


“Maintain the focus – persevere –

Endure until the end.
You’ve been faithful – you’ve made progress

But on Him you must depend.”


“The world has need of fire.
But your flame has grown quite dim.

You alone control your heartstrings

You must focus now on Him.”


“You have walked through many battles,

You have suffered many blows.
Yet your Father kept you through them

For His Spirit in you flows.”


“Put a collar on it.
Put a collar round your neck.”
(I don’t know what that means Lord.

I mean, really . . . what the heck?)


Does it mean to “leash” my flesh, Lord?

To subdue the beast inside?

Or does it mean what I suspect, Lord?

If is it, I’ll humbly try.


We are standing at a crossroads

A great fire’s about to fall.

You are searching for true servants

Who will gladly heed the call.


You have told me that the secret

Of what’s about to come

Will be found in moves of history

I must study – one by one.


You have shown me many mantles

Which are waiting to be found.

Left by ancient saints and martyrs,

Simply lying on the ground.


We have much to learn from Evan

And the folks who lived in Wales.

How I wish that he were present –

I would love to hear his tales.


We have no idea what’s coming.

Nor did Evan in his day.
And while Noah never saw a flood,

There came a day to pay.


I will listen and I’ll ponder

What this revelation means.
For You sent me Evan Roberts,

And I heard You through my dream.



- Nancy Nichols