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Aquaponics explained

Will Allen of Growing Power

Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God more than anything else!    To help you think deeply about what He was talking about and 'living in', follow some of the links below.

 First and foremost.....who  is this Jesus and why does He matter??     And then........

 Following Jesus in the Kingdom cannot be done without discipleship.  Want to know more???????

Frank Viola give a glimpse of just who is this Jesus!!​


Dallas Willard teaching on the Kingdom of God.....drink deep!!!!

Knowing Christ Conference.....for a very limited time....and you can tell that Dallas has been ill.

Dallas Willard and John Ortberg discuss lots of tough questions about Jesus, the Bible, hell, science, knowledge, sexual orientation....about 40 tough questions!

The Divine Conspiracy: 12 session Youtube course
 Session #1 link:

Being Church......the key is in the first 9 minutes of this video