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Board Member Bios

Paige Czosnek

Paige Czosnek attended Husson University where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. She decided to pursue her passion and a future career in massage therapy. Paige left her home in Presque Isle to attend Spa Tech Institute in Westbrook, Maine, where through traditional education and hands-on learning she earned her license in Therapeutic Massage Therapy.


She is trained in modalities including myofascial release, trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, positional release, assisted stretching and range of motion. Paige now operates her own practice on North Street in Presque Isle where she offers individualized sessions to meet the needs of each client.


Have questions? Please feel free to contact me at any time. I am passionate about the opportunity to educate others on the importance and benefits of massage therapy. Call today to schedule your journey to improved health and wellness!  

Lorri Dresbach

Lorri Dresbach is a multifaceted artist, designer, singer/songwriter with a mission to release the creative nature of God's Kingdom here on Earth. She has served on staff in the local church as well as within regional and international ministries. Her desire is to cultivate and mentor creative artists in their pursuit of God and His Kingdom. She is passionate about training the next generation of spiritual "creatives" so they might transform culture through the power of the Holy Spirit and through demonstrations of God's great love.   Lorri and her husband, Dave, are the co-founders of 3D Inspiration Foundation - a non profit organization designed to inspire, equip and cultivate those called to the arts and entertainment industry. They reside in Orlando, Florida.

Renee Fortin

Renee is the founder of the Maine Apostolic Prayer Network.  With a Holy Spirit anointing for prophetic intercession and worship, Renee is passionate about helping people walk in spiritual and physical health.  Her desire is to see others fulfill the unique call of God in their lives, and to see the Church rise to fulfill her prophetic destiny as the Bride of Christ.  Renee serves in a variety of leadership roles with National and State prayer networks.  Current positions include serving as the regional and state-wide lead for the National Governor’s Prayer Team and the Maine Legislative Liaison for Concerned Women of America.  Renee is a licensed cosmetologist and has operated her own business for over 39 years.  Renee resides in Lewiston, Maine, USA.

Linda McCarthy

Linda has been a devoted follower of Jesus Christ for over 40 years.  As a retired self-employed commercial artist for more than 30 years, Linda continues to express her creativity through anointed works of prophetic art.  Linda is passionately drawn to intercessory prayer and prophetic intercession, having served throughout North America during her time in ministry.  In her role at TMI, Linda serves as a teacher and mentor to those who wish to grown in their understanding of spiritual matters.  She desires to help others know the depths of the Father’s love, the power of the Blood of Jesus, and how to stand in the day of battle.  Linda is a certified Care Counselor.  She resides in Waterville, New Brunswick, Canada.

Nancy Nichols

Nancy is the founder and Executive Director of Transformations Ministries, Inc (TMI).  In obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit, Nancy founded TMI in 2006 as a non-profit organization for the express purpose of “making ready a people prepared for the Lord.”   Nancy is passionate about helping others understand Biblical truths, teaching individuals how to live those truths in practical ways, equipping them to grow in intimacy with Jesus Christ, and assisting them in discovering God’s plans and purposes for their lives.  In addition to her role at TMI, Nancy owns and operates a private counseling practice in Presque Isle, Maine.  For more than 20 years Nancy has served throughout the United States and Canada as a teacher, counselor, coach, corporate trainer, spiritual advisor and organizational consultant.  She holds a Masters Degree in Education and is a National Board Certified Counselor.  Nancy serves as an Ordained Licensed Chaplain with the International Fellowship of Chaplains and as an Ordained Member of CMM World under the direction of Jorge Parrott.  She resides in Presque Isle, Maine, USA.

Marilee Scott

Marilee is the founder of Bethesda Project Fitness, a company dedicated to the physical and spiritual health of her clients.  Marilee is a licensed Athletic Trainer, a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a certified Impact Trained Athletic Trainer.  She has worked professionally in the field of athletic training for over 13 years.  Marilee is passionate about prophetic intercession, prayer and worship, and desires that every person might experience an intimate relationship with Jesus.  As a gifted teacher, Marilee loves to help others achieve holistic wellness (body, soul and spirit).  Marilee is a Certified Care Counselor and has dual Bachelors degrees in the fields of Athletic Training and Fitness & Wellness.  For more information on Marilee’s services, you may contact her directly at  Marilee resides in Caribou, Maine, USA.

Val Slipp

Valerie is a talented craftsman, gardener and teacher.  In addition to her role as Executive Director for Transformations Ministries Canada, Val has owned and operated a special care home for the elderly in New Brunswick for more than 25 years.  As an ardent follower of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, Val is a woman of many passions.  Through her role at TMI Canada, Val is focused on developing sustainable agricultural practices which will help families better prepare for the days ahead.  With an anointing for teaching and pastoral care, Val desires to see others fall in love with Jesus, grow in their understanding of God’s Kingdom, and engage in authentic Kingdom communities with healthy believers.  Val is a Certified Care Counselor and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology/Christian Education.   Val resides in Upper Brighton, New Brunswick, Canada.

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