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Marilee Scott is the founder of Bethesda Project Fitness, a company dedicated to the physical and spiritual health of her clients.  Marilee is a licensed Athletic Trainer, a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a certified Impact Trained Athletic Trainer.  She has worked professionally in the field of athletic training for over 13 years.  Marilee is passionate about prophetic intercession, prayer and worship, and desires that every person might experience an intimate relationship with Jesus.  As a gifted teacher, Marilee loves to help others achieve holistic wellness (body, soul and spirit).  Marilee is a Certified Care Counselor and has dual Bachelors degrees in the fields of Athletic Training and Fitness & Wellness.  For more information on Marilee’s services, you may contact her directly at  Marilee resides in Caribou, Maine, USA.

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